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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 04.06.2017

"All art is quite useless." That's another quote from Oscar Wilde. I like telling snooty people at art galleries (yes, sometimes I go to art galleries) that art is useless and then they like to tell me that I'm an ignorant millennial. And then I get to call them out for not knowing The Picture of Dorian Gray. Aren't art galleries fun?

Oscar Wilde gets to be the quote of the day because he got arrested, and ultimately found guilty of homosexuality, on this day in 1895. First of all, I had no idea he lived during that time. I would've bet he was alive in like the 1920s. Second of all, you would think that in the time since 1895 we would've stopped caring about people being gay, but clearly not. However, 122 years later, we still remember Oscar Wilde and not whatever homophobes threw him in jail. Remember that, kids.