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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 04.20.2017

The closest I will ever get to celebrating 4/20 will be rewatching episodes of Broad City. That's where the quote comes from today and if y'all aren't watching Broad City, please step up your game.

I remember learning about 4/20 when I was a little young 'un from my tennis teacher. He had long fingernails and hair down past his butt. He never put it up or anything and he would run around the tennis court, hippie hair blowing in the breeze. I must've had a tennis lesson on 4/20 and that's when he told me the history behind the day. He treated the history of weed as seriously as my tenth grade U.S. history teacher treated the American Revolution.

So, here's to you, Val. Thanks for hiring me in my first job as a YMCA summer camp counselor and for teaching me the essentials.