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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 04.22.2017

Let's all ignore how late this is going up, shall we?

Here's the thing; I think my body just shut down today. I've been working for like two weeks without a day off and I think my body just gave out.

It's earth day today. Also, the anniversary of my former employer's opening day. What's good, Animal Kingdom? To celebrate, here's a quote from Rachel Carson. She wrote the book Silent Spring. It's all about environmental science and how we treat the earth so badly.

Speaking of bad things, I saw Free Fire this morning. I had high hopes for it because of my girl, Brie Larson, but I honestly would've walked out. I was reading reviews about it after and this man named Kevin from Boston eloquently summed up the hour and half I wasted in the theatre this morning:

"A lot of people we don't like skulking in pain around an ugly location while getting shot at from every direction and swearing badly.”

That's it for today. It's still technically 4/22 on the west coast so I'm in the clear. As an apology for my lateness, enjoy these puppers celebrating the need for science.