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Dad Rock Magic

I'm a generally laid back person. For the most part. I mean, I'm sure after reading that my mom will call me and be like, "Laid back? You weren't laid back when you called me crying in a Target parking lot last week." Listen, we've all cried in Target parking lots. If you haven't, I highly recommend it. Park in the very, very last spot in the lot. Furthest from the door. Put on some sad men singing sad songs and just cry. It's great because once you work through your existential crisis of the hour, there's all of Target at your disposal. Something about the fluorescent lights and the linoleum tiles just puts me at ease.

I guess I should take this time to mention that I am not sponsored by Target. Although, hi Target, please sponsor me and sell my book at your stores. I did work at Target once as a seasonal employee during Christmastime. The amount of Queen Anne Cordial Cherries I unboxed could've built an entire McMansion village.

Anyway, let's get back to the point I'm trying to make.

If you've been reading these posts all along, you'll know how much I like the big dramatic moments in teen movies. It's why I watch teen movies. That scene where they run down the hallway after the thing they most want in the world. Sometimes it's love, sometimes it's not. Actually, now that I think about it, most good movies have that type of scene. A scene that feels urgent to the person watching. If it's done right, it makes you want to get up and sprint down the metaphorical hallway to the thing in your life you need.

There's probably some deep, psychological reason behind why those are my favorite scenes as a moderately chill human. Or maybe I'm not chill at all and that's why I like those scenes. Or maybe everything's fake and we should just enjoy the things we enjoy without reading too much into them.

As I said in the Quote of the Day today, Brian Dales from The Summer Set put out a new song. The Summer Set is the band I grew up with and I will always love them. That being said, Brian's adventure on his own is so, so good.

The reason I love 80s music and all of Bruce Springsteen's catalogue is because they encapsulate the feeling of those teen movie scenes. They are urgent and young and terrified, but so sure of what they're saying. Springsteen has described that feeling on so many different occasions when talking about his music:

"But 'til then, all we have is this road, this ever-present now that is the fire and marrow of rock 'n' roll."

"I wanted to craft a record that sounded like the last record on Earth. The last one you'd ever need to hear. One glorious noise. Then the Apocalypse."

Why do I even bother trying to write when Bruce Springsteen writes like that?!

Everyone's been hatin' on La La Land because it got so massively overexposed. Which, I get it, things suck when they're everywhere. Remember, we all hated Adele circa Someone Like You, but she has regained her rightful place at the top. So, yes, La La Land did not deserve all of the praise it got and Moonlight 100000000% deserves the Oscar, but I will always love La La Land. Damien Chazelle described the movie as a "film that is, at heart, about being audacious in the face of practicality."

That's what I love. Throwing caution to the wind and just doing it. Doing what you love despite the odds, despite the risks, despite every thing else in the world telling you no. That's what 80s music is and that's what this new song is.

I have no idea how to link you to this song, but it's on iTunes and Spotify. I highly recommend it. It's all I've been listening to all day. It makes me want to run down a hallway and go confess my love to somebody. I don't know who that somebody is, but I wanna run to them.

So, go buy the song or don't. I don't know. Supergirl is on in about an hour and I am running on less than five hours of sleep, but this song is getting me through it. A+ to you, Brian Dales. Keep making that dad rock magic. And to you, my probably nonexistent readers; run down that hallway. Metaphorical or literal. Just go for it.