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Quote of the Day: 05.02.2017

So, this quote is from an episode of Grey's Anatomy. How it found its way into my life, I'll never know. I have such a weak stomach that episodes of doctor show are too intense for me. Yeah, I know. That's pretty tragic.

However, like most things, there's an exception. I've only seen one episode of Grey's Anatomy, but I've seen it twice in my life. Once, probably when it was actually airing live. The other, was when I was home alone over the summer eating tomato soup at 2 a.m. randomly flipping through Netflix. (If y'all have never put hot sauce in your tomato soup and sprinkled a little bit of cheddar cheese on top and watched an out of context episode of Grey's Anatomy, I'm sorry, but you haven't lived.)

Anyway, it's the episode where Katherine Heigel's like WE GOTTA SAVE THE DEER IN THE BED OF THIS DUDE'S TRUCK. Plus, it's the introduction of Meredith's kid sister Lexie. Listen. I may have only seen this one episode twice, but I would marry Lexie Grey right this very moment.

Is this quote from this episode? Probably not. I'm not about to put in the effort to find out either, so welcome to the mediocrity of my blog. Stick around. Things can't get worse from here.