Tina Kakadelis
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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 05.07.2017

Y'all really think men invented sci-fi? No, no. That honor goes to the writer of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. She was writing about monsters and all that nonsense while white dudes were still commiserating about how interesting they are and how no one understands them. (Joke's on us though because that's all they're still writing about. We get it. Being a white dude is so, so hard. You have to pay for your own drinks. Oh, the travesty.)

She wrote so much more than Frankenstein, too, but the majority of her books were out of print until about thirty years ago. She was also liberal and her books had a political edge to them that was largely ignored. She fought against slavery, the patriarchy,  aristocracy, and the church. Even radicals at that time were like, "Whoa, girl, you are something else."

AND she was only nineteen when she wrote Frankenstein. So, all y'all fanboys out there who think women have no place in science fiction best remember their precious little genre was invented by their worst nightmare; a teenage girl. (As a caveat, I will say that there's some debate about whether or not The Blazing World counts as the first sci-fi work. Doesn't matter. Still written by a lady; Mary Cavendish. Wow, it's almost like dudes have been taking credit for things they didn't do throughout all of history.)