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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 05.20.2017

Lemme tell ya, it is the opposite of cool out here in Southern California. It is so hot and I'm lying in bed right now wishing it was a good thirty degrees colder. But life isn't fair. Certainly wasn't fair to Veronica Mars when it was on tv back in 2004. The world wasn't ready for high school PI Veronica Mars. That's where the quote is from today. Not a day I don't wish Veronica Mars got the seasons it deserved.

Hell, the world still might not be ready because I just read the dumbest thing. Johnny Depp, who I have issues with already in regard to the domestic violence charges against him, said that the villain in the newest Pirates movie shouldn't be a female because that'd be "redundant."

Let's discuss that.

First of all, every Pirates movie in the franchise that isn't the first one is redundant. They're all the same damn movie. And they're not even good!

Second of all, he meant redundant because five fucking years ago, he acted opposite a female villain in Dark Shadows. Yeah, you read that right. He's complaining about how it'd be redundant because there was a female villain in a movie he was in five years ago that isn't even in the same franchise as Pirates. WHAT. How much do you have to hate women to look at your shitty Pirates franchise and not see it as redundant, but see a woman villain in two separate franchises as too redundant to succeed?!

Y'all, please don't see this movie. For a lot of reasons. And for the love of god, please start holding Johnny Depp accountable.