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Quote of the Day: 05.23.2017

Supergirl had its season finale last night and I have some FEELINGS with no place to talk about them. Except, of course, on this blog with you, my nonexistent readers, who probably care very little about Supergirl. See if I care, kids!

Things I Liked:

  1. Cat Motherf*ckin' Grant: If I had a time machine, I'd go back to whatever meeting occurred where the producers decided to hire a glorified bottle of mayo Mon-El as a series regular instead of Calista Flockhart. SERIOUSLY. Who chose this? Who thought this was the best use of their budget?! This show may be about Supergirl the character, but Supergirl the show is a shell of what it once was without Cat Grant. The past two episodes where they focused on their female characters were the standouts of this season. The CW turned its back on everything that made season one Supergirl so great. They took away Cat Grant, James Olsen, Lucy Lane, and the Alex/Kara sister dynamic and what was left was nowhere near the charm of the first season. #BringCatGrantBack2k17
  2. Mon-El Leaves For Good: Do you know how happy this makes me?! This whiny little brat showed up and insulted Kara at every single turn. Even in the finale! After she beat Superman (at his strongest), Mon-El was still like nah, girl you can't save the earth that's a job for Superman. BYE BOY. Have a little faith in your girlfriend for once. AND THEN, I'm supposed to believe that Kara truly loved him and has never experienced love like the love she felt for him? Uh-huh. Okay, CW, but I saw the way she looked at James Olsen. Not sure if you saw it, though, because it happened in season one and you clearly have not watched that.
  3. Lena Luthor Saves the Whole Entire Goddamn Universe (Again): Lena Luthor is better than all of us. That's all. Someone give her a positive mentor/mother figure for the love of god. For example, CAT GRANT. A+ to Lena for making the device that made Mon-El leave for good and impossible for him to return. She's doing the lord's work.
  4. Alex/Maggie: Is it a little insane that Alex comes out, starts dating Maggie, and gets engaged all in the span of one season? Yes. Do I really care? No. Listen, the two of them make all kinds of dramatic decisions after they almost die and the entire world was very close to ending, so Alex spur of the moment proposing seemed very in character.
  5. Reign: I'm so amped for a Worldkiller to come to the Supergirl universe. Does this mean we'll get Doomsday too?!

Things I Didn't Like:

  1. James Olsen, MIA: Hi, The CW, are you aware that you had this charming male love interest for your main character who actually cared about her wellbeing without tearing her down? Are you aware that he's also an interesting character in terms of what it's like to be a hero without having any superpowers? BECAUSE I'M PRETTY SURE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS. I'd like for you to explain yourself because I can't see why you'd swap him for a shitty, privileged, irredeemable, LITERAL SLAVE OWNING PRINCE and then have the audacity to say that Kara never loved James.
  2. Alex and Maggie: I adore them, but it feels pretty cheap to barely include the two of them in the episode and then cram a proposal in at the very end. The show's been doing the bare minimum in terms of their relationship. It's nothing new. There's a long history of LGBT couples being treated differently than heterosexual couples on television. I just was hoping for the best.
  3. Mon-El: I just hate this kid and everything about him.