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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 05.24.2017

As a rule, I don't do poetry. But like every single rule; there's an exception. I went to an all women's college for a year and there were a whole bunch of lesbians. Lesbians, for some reason, are synonymous with spoken word poetry. It's just a weird overlap. Anyway, a poet named Andrea Gibson came to perform and it was incredible. It takes a lot for poetry to move me, but her stuff is so, so good.

This is a quote from her poem Wasabi. It's about falling in love. How adorable.

Ahem. So I've been misinformed by my own memory. This quote is actually from her poem I Do which is about marriage equality. I am a mess. Both are fantastic poems and I can't recommend them enough.