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Quote of the Day: 05.25.2017

It's the 40th anniversary of Star Wars today, so the quote comes from the newest installment, Rogue One. I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite film of the franchise, but I can tell you it's definitely not the prequels.

Because I'm incapable of going a day without talking about Supergirl, I'm gonna share this wild gem of a fact I found out:

So, Calista Flockhart is married to Harrison Ford aka the stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder Han Solo. On Supergirl on Monday, Calista's character made an incorrect reference to Star Wars and Supergirl corrected her. Calista's character waved her off and said she's never seen the movies. Which was hilarious coming from the woman who is married to Harrison Ford.

BUT did you know that real-life Calista Flockhart has never seen the movies?? Remember when Harrison Ford got injured on set last year? Well, when they called Calista and told her that he'd been injured on the Millenium Falcon, her immediate response was, "What the hell is a Millenium Falcon?" Talk about keeping somebody humble.