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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 06.01.2017

Quote coming at you today from the infinite wisdom of Lorelei Gilmore. Let's be honest, Lorelei is the true hero of the show. It sure as hell ain't Rory. Rewatching the series recently, I didn't really realize how garbage Rory is. Well, I will say she's good when she's still in high school, but she loses her mind once she gets to college. Especially the new stuff!! You really mean to tell me that she's an adulterer?? No, I don't accept that. Lorelei raised you better than that. Also Luke and Lorelei are one of the cutest couples on TV. I aspire to have Luke's wardrobe. Oversized flannel and dirty baseball hats. That's the dream.

Actually, the real real hero of the show is Paris Gellar. Final answer.