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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 06.12.17

Hi, so I'm about to be real egotistical right now. The quote of the day today is from...drumroll please...yours truly. Whatever. Sometimes you gotta toot your own horn. (Toot may be the funniest word in the entirety of the English language. You can't tell, but just typing the word "toot" is making me giggle like a kindergartener.)

I was writing at a coffee shop the other day, as I do, and this line just came to me and I was like, shit, Tina, that's not terrible. Guys, my self-confidence is through the roof.

Anyway, this has a home in the third book because why focus on the second book when you can write the third? Or the book of essays in attempting write? Or the screenplay I'm attempting to write? Say it with me: procrastinationnnnnnnnnn.