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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 06.15.17

Why does this look so blurry? Why do I have no motivation to get up and retake the picture? Well, dear reader, the answer to second question is I am watching the cinematic masterpiece that is the Disney Channel Original Movie, Stuck in the Suburbs. I loved that movie as a kid. Feeling stuck...in the suburbs...did Disney know my life?? I was a very dramatic child.

Today's quote comes from Nikita Gill. According to the internet, she's a poet whose poems were rejected 137 times by publishers, but got super famous through Tumblr and Instagram. She writes super feminist stuff and I'm now like a big fan? Who knew? Like I'm sitting here crying into my tomato soup over some poems. This is what adulthood looks like, kids.