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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 06.21.17

Hi, internet. I'm supposed to be doing things that will further my career (ha! I don't have a career), but those things are boring, so I'm doing this. Shhh, Mom, put down the phone. I'm going to do the important things I'm supposed to be doing, but just let me live a little.

Anyway, we're back to Bruce Springsteen quotes on this blog because it's officially summer and it's officially hot as balls out here in southern California. Like, if I have to be at work at 4 a.m., it should not be hot outside already when I walk to my car at 3:40 a.m. California, get it together. Actually, humanity, get it together and realize that global warming is real, please. I don't want California to melt off the face of the planet in the near future. I just got hereeeeee.