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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 06.24.17

Hi, everyone. I'm very tired today and, for some reason, my body isn't letting me nap despite having worked this morning and having to also work tonight. I'm just in a daze of applying for jobs and watching Jane the Virgin. What's that? You remember me mentioning GLOW yesterday and are wondering why I'm watching a different show today? Well, I finished GLOW yesterday. I rationalized it by saying to myself, "Oh, you're home alone for the weekend, so why not." I'm gonna need to figure out a better justification when I live alone otherwise I'll have seen everything Netflix has to offer in less than a week.

Anyway, today's quote comes from DALES the band's newest song called Girls on Their Phones. (In an effort to be totally honest, I definitely just fell asleep for like an hour with my laptop open to this post balanced on my stomach.) So, now that I've wasted too much time today, I'm going to attempt to be moderately productive.