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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 06.25.17

Guys, periods are a wild thing. Did I spontaneously cry in a Target parking lot to this song yesterday? You bet I did. I guess I hadn't heard it in a while and it struck a chord with me. Why, you ask? Honestly who is to say. One time I cried in my marketing class when we watched the famous Give the World a Coke ad. You just gotta embrace the tears, y'know? For anyone on their period who is feeling emotionally volatile and maybe wants to cry, the song's called Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers. Who knew they made more music besides that one about Canal Street?

(And no, mother, I did not finish all three seasons of Jane the Virgin in one night thankyouverymuch. Although, hi, dad, please watch Jane the Virgin I think you'd like it. And hi, mom, you won't hate it, so you're welcome.)