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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 06.27.17

Geez, you shout out one person and now everybody wants a shoutout. So, hi, Angela, here's your shoutout. I picked Hozier because I couldn't find a Pat Benatar or REO Speedwagon quote that I was feeling today. (Me, not feeling 80s music...AM I OKAY?!) Jackie And Wilson is one of my favorite Hozier songs and I felt it was topical because you have children that are not named Jackie or Wilson and will probably be raised on Taylor Swift and Usher instead of rhythm and blues. It's the thought, y'know? You also mentioned a while ago that you were shocked that your babies have not been featured on the blog. Well, today's the day.

Look at Tiny Tony. Doesn't he just look like he'd be able to write a song as sad as Hozier? Boy has barely been on this planet for a year, but look at him. He knows the depths of the human condition. And Joey's just along for the ride.