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Quote of the Day: 06.29.17

About a week ago, a girl at work was buying a classics book of George Eliot. I was like, why does this dude sound familiar? He was on the classics table, so I feel like I should've known something he wrote. And the girl was like, he usually writes poetry. So that explains why I couldn't place him. As all you avid readers know, I don't do poetry. Who knows if this quote is from one of his poems or if it's from one of his novels. I certainly don't know and I'm not super invested in looking it up. (Way to go, Tina. Really working hard on this blog.)

That's it. I don't have any fun antidotes today. I did watch the Pretty Little Liars finale last night, though. It's the first episode I've seen in like five years and I was drinking, but I feel like it still wouldn't have made a lot of sense if I was sober and up to date on whatever's going on on that show.

Here were my drunk thoughts:

  1. Who are these people?
  2. Why does everyone have poorly cut bangs?
  3. Why I am attracted to murderous British Spencer twin?
  4. Why am I like this?
  5. Why do I not live within Jimmy Johns delivery radius?
  7. (There's another shoutout for ya, Elude.)
  8. Honestly, who was in charge of hair on this show?
  9. All of these songs sound like they're from weird pornos.
  10. Caleb looks entirely different and 100% like Ezra's long lost son.
  11. Spencer confessing her unrequited love through Scrabble is the best thing the show has probably ever done.
  12. Where's Moze from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide?
  13. (I then spent about ten minutes trying to google where I could watch Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. I'm pretty sure my Amazon cart is filled with the DVDs.)
  14. Emily's a real cute gym teacher.
  15. Emily is also way too good for Allison.
  17. Have I ever liked anything Aria has done?
  18. Is Toby's hair a helmet?
  19. Who put Aria in that wedding dress?
  20. The spinoff they are clearly setting up for does not need to happen.
  21. I'm still not sure I know who A is.

See y'all tomorrow.