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Quote of the Day: 06.30.17

Quote of the Day coming at ya from out in the world again. Last time this happened it was because I was motivated to actually spend the day writing. Today, it comes from laziness. I genuinely felt too lazy to take down the chalkboard and write a new quote up. Hence the handwritten quote in the shadows of a table. I don't know, I feel like it's kind of accidentally artistic. Somebody call the Guggenheim. Today's quote comes from Neal Shusterman. He's a young adult writer and I loved all of his books growing up. I think his most popular is Unwind which is a really interesting dystopian story and I will never understand why four movies of Jennifer Lawrence just screaming into the void exist, but Unwind was never given the movie treatment it deserves. I will say, the first Hunger Games movie was good. That's it. I've got nothing else to say on that subject. (Except that Jennifer Lawrence didn't deserve an Oscar for Silver Linings Playlist.) Okay, okay. I'm done now. Promise.

Unwind is set in the future after a fictitious war called the Heartland War. Basically the debate on abortion blew up into a full scale war with the pro-life and pro-choice armies fighting it out and the US Army trying to keep the peace. The war ends with the Bill of Life which states that a child's life is guaranteed until they are thirteen and from ages thirteen to eighteen, the parents may choose to have their kid retroactively aborted. Science figured out how to harvest, for lack of a better word, 99.9% of a person's body. Say I got unwound and you got into a car accident, you could get any body part you got injured in the crash. Spooky stuff, right? They have all these harvest camps across the country where the kids get sent when it's their time.

The book centers on Risa, Lev, and Connor. Risa is a ward of the state and when the orphanages get too crowded, they send kids who haven't displayed any proficient talents to be unwound. Connor was a trouble maker and his parents thought he couldn't change, so they filled out the unwinding paperwork. And, finally, Lev is a tithe. The Bible says to give away 1/10 of everything you own, so Lev is his parents' tenth child and grew up knowing he'd be unwound.


Anyway, it's a great book and apparently there are sequels. Who knew? @ all of the Hollywood producers who I know read this blog: MAKE 👏 THIS 👏 MOVIE