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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 07.03.17

Just so y'all know, this quote was written about me standing at the entrance of IKEA, trying to figure out what I need for my new apartment. I knowwwwwwww. What a daunting task. Remember like two months ago when I was talking about apartment hunting? No? That's fine. Well, I've officially got a new place starting in August and I am overwhelmed at the thought of having to decorate the place solo. But I'm also super stoked because that means I can hang up my framed pictures of Cate Blanchett and Alice Paul in the living room. The quote's actually from The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein and I'm pretty sure I did another Elizabeth Wein quote recently, but see if I care! I mean, yes, I probably should branch out, but it's been so long since I did a Springsteen quote. Baby steps, y'know?

Speaking of Baby. If anyone has seen Baby Driver, please let me know. The internet keeps saying that it's a good movie, but I just can't fathom that. Like the trailer is so boring and that kid from The Fault In Our Stars is not one of my favorite actors, so I'm having a very hard time trusting the internet. One time like a year ago, I fell into a dark rabbit hole of reading interviews he gives and they are a TRIP. This is one of my personal faves:

I don't want to just fall back on the fact that I was on the cover of GQ for being an actor.

I mean, god forbid anyone just falls back on the fact that they were on the cover of GQ just for being an actor. How embarrassing, amiright?

Anyway, I have fourteen reviews on my book on Amazon, so I'm basically queen of the world. What's that? You forgot I wrote a book? How could you when I harass you to buy it once a week?!