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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 07.07.17

Mediocrity strikes againnnnnn. I have no idea where this quote is from and I am not motivated to google it. Gotta keep the mystery alive somehow since I overshare in every other aspect. Speaking of oversharing, my faves HAIM put out a new album today. I had the late shift last night, so I was awake when it came out. Lemme set the scene for you.

There I was. Eating a nutritious dinner of almonds and Colby Jack cheese right off the block. Having a great time. AND THEN the last song on the album comes on and I just started crying. Guys, it's a really beautiful song and it just made me wanna call somebody up and confess some unrequited love. Those are my favorite types of songs.

Anyway, the album's a really good time until they sucker punch you at the very end. My top five faves are:

  1. Night So Long
  2. Ready for You
  3. Little of Your Love
  4. Nothing's Wrong
  5. And every single song on the album

See ya tomorrowwwwwww