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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 07.13.2017

Hello, happy Thursday, everyone. I plan on spending the day watching Supergirl with my friend Melanie. I don't plan on leaving the house and that is such a nice feeling. Guys, sometimes I just don't want to go into the real world. I did go into the real world last night and saw my boy Brian Dales from The Summer Set in his new band at a bar in LA. Sometimes I'm astounded by the douchiness level of sentences I create. It's not my fault, okay? Just adding 'LA' on the end of the sentence makes it go through the roof. And Cannes. I didn't choose the douchey life, the douchey life chose me.

Speaking of LA, though, I saw my first celebrity yesterday. This isn't counting the time I saw the Supergirl cast at PaleyFest, but like I'm gonna count that in my heart because I am in love with respect Melissa Benoist's acting talents.

So I'm not technically counting that, BUT I did see the legendary cologne maker from Pawnee, Indiana, Dennis Feinstein casually at a coffee shop. What a wild world.