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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 07.19.17

Let me paint you a picture of my morning. I woke up, made breakfast, and watched the latest episode of The Bold Type. I know. It is the year Two Thousand and Seventeen and I am watching a show on the reformed ABC Family, Freeform. The very same channel that let Pretty Little Liars do whatever the hell it did for half a century. But here I am, watching a show that's happening in real time because, you guessed it, a gay storyline has been heavily alluded to. And we all know I'm incapable of avoiding the possibility of being let down by yet another queer storyline, so I am watching it. Although, I will say that I actually like it so far. Which is wild to me. I guess it's like based off of Cosmo and the show focuses on three friends who I refer to in my head as The Maybe Baby Gay One, The Used to be Kinda Gay on a Different TV Show One, and The Other One.

What's exciting though is that it's finally looking like a well-written gay storyline in a show of my genre. No more sci-fi nonsense for me. No, I get a gay storyline in a show where they make jokes about green juice and kale and that doesn't shy away from being feminist. So, in a shocking turn of events, I teared up twice this morning watching a show on ABC Family.

Enough with the oversharing. I gotta maintain this aura of cool I've carefully cultivated.

Today's quote comes from Glory Road. It's a sports movie from a couple years ago about the true story of the 1966 basketball championship which definitely has a fancier name (guys, I don't know sports terms). Texas Western was this tiny little school coached by Don Haskins who was like I don't have time for your racism, I'm going to build a team based on their athletic ability. That year, in the championship game against Kentucky, Texas Western made history by having the first all-black starting lineup in the NCAA. And they ended up crushing Kentucky to win the finals. Go, sports.