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Quote of the Day: 07.23.17

I don't talk about Age of Miracles nearly enough for someone that's wholeheartedly obsessed with it.

Age of Miracles is a book written by Karen Thompson Walker. I have no idea how I came across this book. I don't remember if someone recommended it to me or if I just randomly got it out of the library. I do remember purchasing the hardcover I do own from the Barnes and Noble bargain section long before I started working there. (Oops, spilled the beans on that one, but honestly, which other "big corporate bookstore" could I possibly have worked for?)

This book is a dystopian book without any of the end of the world nonsense. Basically, everything's fine and dandy and chill and then, all of a sudden, there's this eclipse. In the middle of the day. Everyone's losing their minds and is like yo what's going on. The President then comes on the TV later in the day and is like look, we haven't been totally truthful, but I guess you should know now that the earth's rotation is slowing down. No one knows why or what caused it or if it can be reversed, but the earth is for sure slowing down.

Of course, people start losing their minds and the days start getting longer and longer. I think they end up being like 40 hours by the end of the book.

What I really liked about this book was that it was more about the small societal changes rather than the massive ones like in The Hunger Games and Divergent. People break into different groups. Some follow the government mandated time meaning that they'll have full "days" that are actually entirely in the dark. Others believe they should follow the earth and if the sun's up, they're awake even when the days grow longer. Clear divides occur within the neighborhood and those who choose to stay with the sun are shunned.

It's also about a girl being in late middle school or early high school and dealing with everything that comes with being that age. Crushes, homework, and family troubles. Guys, it's really great and I know no one listens to me and my recommendation, but, if you need a book, aside from mine check it out.