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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 07.26.17

img_5653 Today's quote comes from Neal Shusterman's Everlost. I think I've talked about this book before, but who's to say at this point.

Everlost is a fantasy story about these two kids, Nick and Allie, who wake up from a car crash in this limbo world called Everlost. Basically, anything that was loved and destroyed in the real world exists in Everlost. So, places like the Twin Towers and things like the Challenger are real in this world.

It exists on a kind of parallel plane with the real world. If the kids stand too long in just any random spot, they'll start sinking like quick sand. Places and things that have passed over are solid. It's a really cool story and there are two more books after it. I read it all the time as a kid. Yet again, another great book series that could've been a great film franchise, but instead the world had to watch Jennifer Lawrence scream weirdly for four movies.

And, because I know every single person that reads this blog is wildly invested in The Bold Type, I'll throw in my two cents about the episode last night:

That's right. My lil maybe baby gay Kat is now my lil definitely baby gay Kat. Or bi. Or pan. Whatever they plan on making her identify as. Point is, she's out there living her fictional best life and you should too.