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Quote of the Day: 07.28.17

img_5664 So, I'm like 56% sure this is a quote from Anna Kendrick's book, Scrappy Little Nobody, but Google isn't helping me out. Even with quotations around it.

I feel like I've concealed my love for Anna Kendrick pretty well on this blog. Granted, most of my time here is spent yelling about all the ways Supergirl has let me down, so it's kind of hard to get anything else in edgewise. I know I'm in charge of this blog and have complete creative control over what I talk about, but Supergirl is such an easy pit to fall into.

See, I can't even properly talk about Anna Kendrick because I have so many opinions about Supergirl.

Anyway, I think she's great. I met her at a book signing once in Portland, Maine. (Shoutout to my family for humoring me enough to take me there.) She was super sweet and I told her that Rocket Science is one of my favorite movies and she said, "Oh my god, really? You've seen that?" Yeah, girl, and I've also sat through Cake, so you know it's real.

Her book's great, though. My parents loved it. I read the entire book, cover to cover, on the drive back home from Maine.

Also, in case y'all need a movie to watch this weekend, Butter is back on Netflix. So, even though America is continuing to be the absolute worst, you can watch the greatest, dumbest film ever made about the greatest food in the world, butter.