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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 07.29.17

What idiots classify The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery as a kids' book? Honestly. Have they ever read it? I know it's like maybe a hundred pages, but those hundred pages are somethin' else.

I think I first read it in high school where you could either read one long boring book or two little ones. So, being the slacker that I was, I read Anthem and The Little Prince. Looking for shortcuts wherever I could. I honestly don't think I even read Anthem, so that's how dedicated I was to high school english. And now I have a book. (Hi, buy that, please. I'm moving two blocks down the road from a neon museum and I'd like to buy a membership.)

There's not much to report in my life. I'm moving in about three days and I still haven't really packed yet. I was flipping through Netflix, as I do, attempting to find something to watch. There's only so many Legends of Tomorrow episodes I can watch in a row before I just need things to relax and not time travel. Anyway, I saw that Chronic got added to Netflix. I'm about to spoil the movie for you, but since none of you are probably planning on watching it, it doesn't matter.

So, I saw Chronic at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. I know, that's a douchey sentence, let's move on. At the festival, there's the theatre where all the movies premiere and it's called the Lumiére Theatre. That place is unreal. Massive, like 2,309 seats massive. Any movie I could get a ticket to see in that theatre, I took because it's such an insane feeling to be watching a movie with that many other people.

I saw some good movies in there like The Little Prince (how full circle, am I right?). One of the bad movies I saw there was Chronic. In all honesty, I did fall asleep for a little during the movie. When I woke up and my eyes refocused, I started laughing a little bit because as far as I could tell, the movie was paused for some reason.

My friend who was with me was like, Tina what're you doing and I was like the movie's paused. He was like no it's not. Turns out the director just likes all these no cut shots where you're just forced to look at one scene where nothing really happens for forever. Hence why I thought the movie was broken.

I'm pretty sure the movie ends where you're just watching the main character jog down the road and then outta nowhere, he gets hit with a car. But like the camera just keeps pulling away and then the movie ends after another minute or so. It's really not that great. Movies are weird, y'all.