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Quote of the Day: 08.03.17

Hellooooooooooo. Today's quote comes from the book Room by Emma Donoghue. You might have seen the movie last year starring one of my favorite actresses, Oscar winner Brie Larson.

The book itself is very heavy and not the most fun to just kick back and read. I've considered buying the DVD every once in a while, but then I'm like, no, I can't watch this again.

If you haven't seen the movie or read the book, it's about a boy and his mom. The mom was abducted when she was like nineteen and put in this tiny shed-like room in this man's backyard. The man would come into the room and rape her. Eventually, she got pregnant and had Jack who, when the movie/book starts, is celebrating his fifth birthday. He thinks the entire world exists in that room and that nothing exists beyond the door.

Not exactly a fun time, is it? Know what is a fun time, though? Brie Larson's early 2000s red carpet fashion choices. Every once and a while, Brie will post a red carpet look from back in the day and this one is my favorite. I get that everyone wants to say the fashion choices they grew up with were the absolute worst, but I don't think anything really compares to the mess of the early 2000s.

Anyway, I am very tired. It didn't hit me until yesterday how draining moving was. I almost fell asleep standing upright as the guy installed my wifi. I also named my wifi after one of my favorite comic books as a kid. Have I ever mentioned how cool I am?

I don't have much more to add except that I'm finally almost done unpacking. I also need to find a way to decorate the walls because it's a little bland in here if I do say so myself. Also, if anyone wants to donate a rug or tapestry or flag, hit me up. My future apartment aesthetic thanks you. My current apartment aesthetic is a little too prison walls. (But honestly, some of the women in Orange is the New Black have more decorated walls than I do.)