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Quote of the Day: 08.14.17

Whew, after eight days of timely posts, I'm sure you all have been waiting anxiously for today's very late installment of the Quote of the Day. Listen, it's barely afternoon over here on the west coast, so while y'all are having dinner over on the east coast, I'm just finishing up my afternoon snack. For all you wondering, my snack was a banana. You see that, Mom & Dad? I eat healthy snacks.

I also had two mini York Peppermint Patties, but whatever.

Did you guys miss me? Are you ready to hear all about my internship experience? Well, I'm not gonna tell you too much because I don't believe in oversharing on the internet unless it's about my crying habits. I will say that I got to meet the woman who wrote on Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23 and it was incredible. Also, if you watch the episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden that had Aubrey Plaza, Chris O'Dowd, and Jeremy Renner, you can see me get a high five from James Corden at the very end of the show. Plus, if you've always wondered what I laugh like, you can hear my laughter in what I think will be the second episode of the new CBS show, 9JKL.

Anyway. Let's refocus. Today's quote not only comes from my new letterboard that I'm obsessed with, but also my new apartment. I guess technically some of the other posts were written here, but I'm like officially moved in. It was weird to move into this apartment and then move into a dorm at UCLA for the internship after only being here for like three days.

The quote is from a poem by Nikita Gill who I'm pretty I've talked about on this blog before. She's a Tumblr famous poet and I follow her Instagram.

I'll leave you all with this advice; go listen to Kesha's new album. It is so, so good. Her duet with Dolly Parton is a dream. After all the absolute nonsense Kesha was put through, this album is most certainly, undisputedly a triumph.