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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Quote of the Day: 08.17.17

We're gonna get real sincere for today's Quote of the Day.

Way, way, way back in 2009, a song called Tik Tok came into our lives. I remember iTunes giving away the music video for free and I remember watching it thinking, who is this girl? That girl was Ke$ha. You knew that though. Everybody loves Tik Tok. It's a great dance song and it's just plain fun. I think that's probably the best way to talk about Ke$ha's music. It's just fun.

(Also, when did she lose the $ in her name??)

She put out Animal in 2010 and Warrior in 2012. Both of them did fairly well I think. I'm not super motivated to actually look up how well they actually sold, but there were a good few years you couldn't escape her music on the radio.

In 2013, Kesha got involved in a sexual assault legal battle with her longtime producer, Dr. Luke. She sued based on sexual assault, battery, and emotional abuse, and other allegations. Kesha also wanted to be freed from her contract with Dr. Luke, but the court ruled she had to stay in the contract. Which means that any success Kesha gets from her new album is still linked back to him. Her abuser is getting paid for her success. And you wonder why women don't report their harassment.

Despite all of this, her new album is triumphant. It's strong and powerful and still so fun. There's a song on there that's weirdly heartfelt about dating Godzilla?? But it's also just so charming?? Her duet with Dolly Parton is sweet and amazing and I'm so happy Dolly is there. Also, the song, Finding You, is super sweet and just a good love song. Don't get me started on Woman. It's my new go-to pre-job interview get psyched song.

But the songs where she talks about moving forward from the horrors of her time with Dr. Luke are the ones where she really shines. Just take her first single, Praying. It's all about overcoming the abuse and finding hope at the end of the tunnel. She says the reason her album is called Rainbow is because after the storm there's a rainbow. There's a rainbow alright and it's bright. Kesha, I'm rooting for ya.

(Also, shoutout to my aunt for teaching me a tip on how to center things on the letterboard. I'm not ignoring your advice, I had already done this before I got your text and my laziness won out over my need to make these posts aesthetically pleasing. Stay tuned for my attempt tomorrow.)