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Quote of the Day: 08.19.17

So today's quote is from Glee. Everyone's favorite mess of an early 2000s show. I guess it's technically not early 2000s. Maybe like 2009ish? I'm not dedicated enough to figure out what year it actually premiered. I do remember being in my sophomore year of high school and Glee was on at 9 at night. In my youthful life, I thought that was wildly past my bedtime. Look at how far I've come. As I'm writing this, I'm watching Colossal. The Anne Hathaway movie that not enough people saw. Let's talk for a second about why people hated Anne Hathaway. Like how did she go from the lovable princess in training to America's least favorite actress? Was it really because she wanted it badly and wasn't shying away from that? (By "it" I mean success as an actress.)

Is anyone really shocked that America could turn on a woman for wanting something too badly? On the flip side of the coin, America hates Kristen Stewart for being too blasé about it. But Casey Affleck is out there being accused of sexual assault and is still the "cool guy" because he's the kid brother of Ben Affleck who just wants to act and not draw attention to himself. Casey Affleck's allowed to look disheveled at award shows and feel indifferent to those awards and that makes him cool. Kristen Stewart acts the same way and the public turns on her. It's almost like there are double standards when it comes to men and women. Insaneeeeeeee.

How does that relate to Glee? The show about celebrating each other's differences? Well, look at the treatment of Rachel Berry and the pedestal Kurt Hummel was put on.

In other news, watch Colossal and let Anne Hathaway back into your heart.