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Quote of the Day: 08.20.17

Today's quote is from DC's Legends of Tomorrow and is purely a pitch to try and get my dad to put his money where his mouth is and watch this show. Listen, I know this show's first season is a little rocky, but the second season is just fun. As much as I hate time travel, the second season's use of time travel is a lot better.

(And I'm not going to say anything about the spoilers from the third season because that's the fastest way to get my dad uninterested in something, but know that the third season looks like it's got major potential.)


If you're interested in hearing my thoughts about the assassin love of my life, Sara Lance, you can go over here. But, Dad, I really think you'd enjoy yourself once you get through the first season. I know you can do that because you've seen every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and you finished watching all of Bad Grandpa.

I also think you and I share the same love for reluctant heroes. Although, unlike your boy Captain Kirk, who I think would very quickly refer to himself as a hero, the people from Legends of Tomorrow definitely don't want to be heroes. Half of them are thieves or assassins and the other half are nerds. They're never going to be heroes; they're legends.

Also, there's an episode where they have to go back in time to convince George Lucas to not drop out of film school. I'm not going to say anything else because I'm sure you already consider that a spoiler, but it's a really charming episode. Complete with a trash compactor escape scene. (I'M SORRY, OKAY? I HAD TO THROW THAT IN. IT WAS TOO GOOD TO LEAVE OUT.)

In my actual life, I bought all the ingredients to make a pizza. Except, instead of a bag of mozzarella, I bought a bag of parmesan. I still tried to make the pizza anyway with parmesan cheese. Here's a fun cooking tip that I should've learned in the 1,000,000+ hours of Food Network I've watched; parmesan cheese doesn't ever fully melt that well.

(In a spooky turn of events, an hour or so after I wrote this, my father called and recommended that I watch Doctor Strange. I told him it was against my moral code due to the whitewashing. He told me that by watching it on Netflix, I won't be giving any money to the people that made the movie. So, Dad, I'm giving it a shot despite the fact that I am morally against it. FOR YOU. At the very least, I'll be able to have more constructive criticism.)

(UPDATE: I watched it. YOU HEAR THAT, DAD? I SUFFERED. Speaking of suffering, Doctor Strange himself was wildly insufferable. There was literally no need for the whitewashing that occurred. Rachel McAdams did not deserve this. I did not deserve this. And why was it so long, but the character development was still so rushed??? Why did the jokes fall so flat??? Why didn't I just rewatch Jessica Jones, the best Marvel has to offer??? I guess the fight scenes were kinda cool, but those types of scenes always mean very little to me. Except in Wonder Woman. Lemme watch Gal Gadot fight her way across No Man's Land all dayyyyy. All in all, this was basically another self-centered, entitled white boy superhero movie packaged as Inception on acid.)