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Quote of the Day: 08.21.17

In my attempt to find a topical quote about the eclipse, I was bombarded with quotes from the Twilight book, Eclipse. I don't know if this is shocking to you or not, but not many people are writing profound things about solar eclipses. And, this may be less of a shock, no quote from Eclipse really felt right.

Today's quote comes from Funny Lady. Did you know that everyone hated Funny Lady? I'm talking the critics. Roger Ebert gave it a 1/4 and it's currently sitting at a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not that I really put much stock in Rotten Tomatoes, but still. I remember driving in my mom's car and always hearing the Funny Lady soundtrack. Not Funny Girl. No, no. My mom made us listen to Funny Lady. I don't think I heard Don't Rain on My Parade until Glee. (Will I ever be freed from Glee?!)

Maybe my mother is the reason I'm so pro-Grease 2. Maybe we both have a weird love for the sequels to very popular musicals that are widely panned by the critics. Whatever. I'm not going to read too much into it. All I know is that Grease 2 will always be the superior Grease. Also, don't look at the sun today. That advice doesn't matter for me, though. I'm not going to even get a good view of the eclipse. Thanks for nothin', Los Angeles.

Speaking of Grease 2 and Los Angeles letting me down, I went to Cadillac Jack's last night. Cadillac Jack's, for you uncultured swine out there, is the burger joint in Grease 2. You've probably seen it in other, less important films and shows like Drive, GLOW, and The House Bunny. It's also in The Even Stevens Movie which is on par with the quality of Grease 2.

Anyway, because I love Grease 2, I went to Cadillac Jack's because it's only like twenty minutes from my home. How lucky am I that I live so close to a cultural icon. Joke's on me, though, because the dude who owns Cadillac Jack's won't let people take pictures of it! And had a cop out there making sure people weren't stopping!

Listen. I was the only one there. No one is out here taking time out of their L.A. vacation to come to Cadillac Jack's. No one is that invested in Grease 2. So just let me take a picture of the neon flickering on against the lovely California mountain backdrop. It's literally all I want. But alas. You can't always get what you want.