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Quote of the Day: 08.26.17 Springsteen & Wild Love

Please excuse my fake Ws. I guess the letterboard kit that I bought was not prepared to have enough Ws to do what may be my favorite Springsteen lyric of all time.

We're onto the song the album is named for, Born to Run. For some reason, I have vivid memories of listening to this song my freshman year of college. Whenever I hear the first notes of the song, I can picture this one specific part of the campus. I wish I could tell you why that is, but I have no idea.

What I love about this particular lyric is that it's just so simple. It's the simplest thing in the world. Isn't that what everyone is thinking about? Don't we all want to know if this love thing is wild and real?

I mean, humanity is obsessed with love and we're constantly searching for any minuscule amount of proof that it's real. It's why Taylor Swift and Nicholas Sparks have careers. It's why people get attached to celebrity couples and are genuinely upset when those couples fail. Love is the motivation for humanity.

But we have no proof. Love is this ineffable, intangible thing. Everyone's descriptions and experiences with love are different, so there's no concrete proof that it even exists in a universal sense. But we keep searching and trying. Day in and day out when we've been given no proof that it's out there. When we've been proved wrong at every turn. We're still showing up and going out under the pretense that this time will be different. We're all just grasping at a chance to see if love is as wild and real as we want it to be.

Bruce Springsteen's a romantic, y'all. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.