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Quote of the Day: 08.28.17 Springsteen & My Endless Job Search

Remember how I talked about a song's placement on an album and how it used to be something that mattered? Meeting Across the River is probably the most perfect example of that.

The song's about these two guys from Jersey going across the river to New York for some meeting. It's never really clear what exactly is across the river, but it's clear that the singer needs to get to the other side. He's desperate for money because things are tough and his girlfriend's gonna leave him. But if he's successful with whatever this definitely criminal act is, things will be alright and he and his girlfriend can run away together.

Judging by the somber trumpet and piano, things are not looking great for the guys. The narrator is risking his life for two grand and a chance to start anew, but by the end of the song, you're not really feeling like he's going to get the new start he's so desperate for.

It's just a sad, sad song that almost didn't make it on the album. Which would've been a shame. What makes this song's placement so utterly genius, though, is that it's literally the bridge from all of the songs that are rooted in Jersey to the album's conclusion in Jungleland, aka New York City.


Put that in your college English lit pipe and smoke it. I feel like that's the type of joke that my mother told me to stop making on this blog. Again, she worries that me acting like a fool on this blog will hinder me from getting a real world job. Joke's on me, though because these idiotic jokes are only hurting me.

Unrelated side note, if anyone in the greater Los Angeles area would like to hire me for non-weird things, please contact me. My talents include: knowing a lot about Bruce Springsteen, accidentally liking a photo on Instagram that's 223 weeks old, interior decorating, and karaoke.