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Freeform's The Fosters Just Did the Coolest Thing


This week's post is brought to you by my father and my new cable log-in, so that I can watch TV shows without a TV. Thanks, Pops. So, I will be honest, I kind of fell off The Fosters train a while ago. I did watch this past week's episode, though. It got a little too Pretty Little Liars-type wild for me. Also, I was so sick of Brandon being entitled. And I still think it's super weird that they made Brandon and Callie, who are step siblings, a ~thing~.

ANYWAY. That's not what we're here to talk about on this fine Tuesday. No, no. We are here to talk about the fact that The Fosters' Callie and Aaron, who is transgender, got to have sex for the first time last week and it was done so well. The Fosters a lot very well, so I wasn't too surprised. Just look at the premise itself. Two loving moms and their children. Some of their children are better than others *coughBrandoncough*,  but at the end of the day, the constant love and support from Lena and Stef is such a breath of fresh air.

Back to Callie and Aaron, though.

Aaron is played by transgender actor, Elliot Fletcher. What's so great about his character is that the fact that he's trans is not the end of who he is as a character and a person. Every sentence that comes out of his mouth isn't "I'm trans," but they're not shying away from talking about it either. He gets to be interesting and caring and gentle and a motorcycle riding badass. How often are trans characters portrayed as someone swoonworthy? (It is a crime that "swoonworthy" is not a word. I'm not budging, though, I'm gonna keep it in.)

Most times, trans characters are treated as these tragic people who don't get to have happy endings or lives outside of that identity. Just think about past fictitious trans characters you know. Boys Don't Cry? Not exactly the fun feel good movie of the year. And how many times are trans characters the butt of the joke? The never clever "So are you a boy or a girl?" joke should be buried. Trans representation matters. Especially now when we live in a very real reality where Donald Trump is banning transgender people from serving in the military and there are disgusting "bathroom bills" that are ruining lives.

Also stop calling transgender people "transgenders."

So, yeah, it's really awesome that Aaron gets to be in this functional, loving relationship with a cute girl. Not only that, but they get to have a sweet sex scene. I never thought I'd utter the words "sweet sex scene" on a blog that my mother and father read, but here we are. And I'm glad we're here because I can only imagine what this scene means to the young trans kids coming into their own and stumbling across this good, positive representation.

Like, Callie and Aaron had candles. They had music. They got to be sweet. They were treated like any other couple on the show. Truly, the only thing that was missing was Sixpence None the Richer's Kiss Me because everybody deserves to see the fictional equivalent of themselves find love to that song.

Is that just a Me thing? Like do other people equate that song as the pinnacle of romance in pop culture? Is it because I was raised on teen movies from the '90s where they used that song constantly? Probably. But I stand by what I said. Everyone deserves positive representation and everyone deserves a love story set to Kiss Me.