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We Need to Talk About The Bold Type


(So, I fully intended to put this up yesterday, but I was marooned at an IKEA for four hours. Moving onnnnn.)

Listen. I have not been shy about my love for The Bold Type. This is my jam. It has recently come to my attention that I may not get more episodes because y’all aren’t watching it.

Hi, I bust my ass for you here every single day and y’all can’t even do me the solid of keeping this show afloat? Are we even friends? Acquaintances? YOU GUYS KNOW THAT I CRY IN TARGET PARKING LOTS, SO THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS PUT THIS SHOW ON IN THE BACKGROUND AND GIVE IT RATINGS.

Whew. I’m sorry that got heated. I had five refills of iced coffee at Panera and I’m off the wall? I feel like I can see smells. (For total transparency, I first wrote that sentence as, “I feel like I can see colors.” Am I OD’ing on iced coffee??)

Anyway, y’all should be watching The Bold Type and I’m gonna talk about the episode that was on last night. The writer of this episode wanted it to be an homage to Before Sunrise. One crazy night and all the things that can happen. Two of the three girls are locked in the office because Trump protestors shut down the block and the Secret Service won’t let people leave the building. A Before Sunrise crazy night inspired by Trump is the wildest thing ever.

Make no mistake, though, the show adamantly despises Trump and they say so whenever they can. The girls are running late to work because Trump is in town and is causing major road blocks. One of the girls says, “Why is he here? Doesn’t he live somewhere else now?” And another girl says, “Yeah, Mar-a-Lago.” This show is throwing more punches than a lot of news networks.

One of the main reasons I started watching this show was because of the LGBT representation. And you know what? They did NOT disappoint me last night.

I got to see a girl run through an airport for a girl she loves. Um, is Freeform reading my diary because that was everything I wanted? I can’t even begin to process what it’s like to get to see a show that’s anchored by this LGBT couple. They aren’t treated as a side story or a way to fill a diversity quota. They are the beating heart of the show.

Y’all know I’m a romantic. I’m not shy about that and it’s why I love big, grandiose gestures. I feel like people don’t do them enough in real life anymore, or we do them for the wrong reasons. So that we can put it on social media, y’know? I like those massive gestures because they feel very urgent. Like standing on a chair, asking someone out in a crowded room because you literally can’t spend another minute not with them. Man, I just want to publish the third book in the series because I wrote a really cool thing about this, but it’ll give so much away.

The Bold Type exceeded my expectations entirely. This girl blows $11,000 on a flight just so she can get through security to see the girl of her dreams. What makes me so happy is that this insanely romantic moment is saved for the queer couple. Sixteen-year-old me was losing her mind.

Basically, what happens is Adena, who is Muslim, isn't being allowed back into the country because of Trump's nonsense. She bought a one-way ticket to NYC because she needed to see Kat. However, the one-way ticket was flagged as suspicious, so she wasn't being allowed into the States. The Trump ban on Muslims is garbage for an insane multitude of reasons, and it's a damn shame these racist beliefs are stopping people from buying one-way tickets to profess their love. (Yes, this is a fictitious example, but actual lives are being ruined in this dumpster fire known as 2017.)

So, desperate to see Adena before she gets sent out of the country, Kat impulsively blows $11,000 of her parents' frequent flier miles on true love. Adena's flight doesn't leave until the morning, and this is the conversation they have after Kat makes her way through security:

Kat - “We still have ten hours left.”

Adena - “Yeah, not a lot of time.”

Kat - “It’s not nothing.”


I'm a sucker for positive LGBT representation. And what’s so great about them is that they're a perfect representation of “opposites attract.” Opposites attract is not two people just screaming at each other until they finally make out. That’s lazy writing. Blah, blah the line between love and hate is minimal blah, blah that’s LAZY. Real opposites attract is the relationship The Bold Type is writing.

Kat and Adena are true opposites. They are analogue vs. digital. Adena grew up always on the move and Kat grew up firmly rooted in one place. After meeting each other, they get inspired by the other person and change their ways. Not because they bully each other to change, but because they're given a new perspective that helps them grow. Adena wants to put roots down and have a place to call home and Kat wants to travel the world. BECAUSE OF EACH OTHER. That’s opposites attracting. And that’s as real as fictional love can get.

So, get on The Bold Type bandwagon. I'm your host, Tina LAST-NAME-REDACTED. (I realize now that there's no reason to redact my last name because I literally put a link to the book I wrote in every blog post. Speaking of, though.)


(also, shoutout to tumblr for the lovely featured photo.)