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The Six Unrequited Love Songs You Need to Hear This Morning, Pt. II

IMG_6034 Can you tell that I'm very proud of the song that I wrote for my book? That might be the one part of the book that I was simultaneously very nervous about and very proud of. Is there music to go with it? Hell no. As much as I talk about music, I definitely do not know how to write music. That, to me, is like rocket science. I have no concept of how it's done. That and haircuts. You laugh, but the people that cut hair are 100% using witchcraft because I don't comprehend how they know which hairs to cut.

I could spiral into a whole super long post about my confusion/adoration for people that cut hair, but even I know that's not the best content in the world.

Today, we get to talk more about unrequited love. Part two of my essential unrequited love song playlist is coming at ya. For all of you that somehow missed part one, head over here and give it a listen.

Tina's Essential Unrequited Love Songs, Pt. II: The Older Years

  1. I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt - Um, girl. Are you alright? Because, lemme tell you, last time I listened to this song on repeat for like two hours, I was not alright. No, I am telling no one the circumstances of that event, so don't even bother texting or calling me about it. I'm taking it to the grave.
  2. Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield - I am aware that this is a lot poppier than every single other song on the two playlists, but this song is also super sad. If you are sitting there, scratching your head as to how this song could be sad, then you have never seen a grown adult human sing this at a karaoke bar with tears streaming down their face. No, that adult was not me, but it could've been.
  3. It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion - I know, this is technically more of a break-up song and I'd care more about semantics if this song wasn't the greatest song on the entire planet. It's a masterpiece and under-appreciated. Not by me, though. No, no. I sing this song in my car all the time. I truly should put it on my resume as a skill that I have. Can Absolutely Crush Celine's Dion It's All Coming Back to Me Now. Hire me for your next company holiday party. Will shed tears during performance if necessary.
  4. Please Do Not Go by Violent Femmes - I don't know why this half of the playlist is much poppier than the first half. I'm not worried about it. This song was given to me on a mixtape in middle school. Of course I overthought the song and the thought process that led that girl to putting it on a mix CD for me. IT'S BEEN LIKE TEN YEARS AND I HAVE NO ANSWERS. Does it keep me up at night? Wouldn't y'all like to know.
  5. Crush On You by Bruce Springsteen - This half of the playlist is getting a mind of its own and I'm just leaning into it at this point. It's less heartwrenching unrequited love songs and more songs about crushes. I'm in charge here, so I do what I want. Here's the obligatory Springsteen song you guys were all waiting for. It has maybe the sweetest lyric about a crush, "She's a walking, talking reason to live." Um, if that's not how you describe your crush, then, I'm sorry, but it ain't a true crush.
  6. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls - Shh, I know 1998 is not that long ago and shouldn't technically count as part of the older years, but this playlist has officially gone off the rails. I have too many songs that I want to talk about and too few spaces. I'm aware that I could just do more songs, but I gotta keep some sense of order on this blog. ANYWAY, this song is great and sad and if you didn't cry to this at some point in time on your Discman, then I don't think I understand you as a person.