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The Flash and My Phobia of Killer Whales

IMG_6031 You guys can breathe a sigh of relief because you are no longer being subjected to nonsense that I've written as the Quote of the Day. Why you keep coming back day after day is a mystery to me, but I appreciate it greatly. Also, since none of y'all comment or say anything I have no idea if you guys are happy here? Is this good content??

Communication is so important in a relationship, guys. Or so I'm told. Communication, or lack thereof, is probably why I'm still single. That, and the fact that the only place I venture out to is the neon museum. I don't think the 97-year-old man who works there and I are meant to be.

Today's quote comes from the TV show, The Flash. I've been slowly working my way through it. I was kind of nervous to watch it just because I liked the comics as a kid and I didn't want to be let down. However, any TV show or comic book that lets King Shark exist has a stamp of approval from me. King Shark is such a ridiculous villain. Like he's just a jacked human/shark combo. Look at this mess:

God, I love comics sometimes. HOWEVER, King Shark has a buddy named Orca and she is from my literal nightmares.


Just go back to the depths of hell where you belong, PLEASE, YA DEMON. I feel like I haven't mentioned this on the blog before, but I am terrified of killer whales. Probably has something to do with the fact that I've seen Blackfish maybe twenty times?? Why have I seen a documentary centered on an animal that strikes fear into my heart that many times? I DON'T KNOW! I just don't know. Maybe I subconsciously think seeing the killer whales will help me get over my fear, but it's not working.

I don't have dreams that often, but one time I had a dream I was working at a little ice cream cart at a theme park. Only, I was not on dry land. No, no. I was just floating in a pool with my little ice cream cart. What else was in that pool with me? JUST A BUNCH OF KILLER WHALES THAT ALL DECIDED TO CHASE ME. That was the worst dream I've ever had.

I know that killer whales don't exhibit angry tendencies when they're left alone in nature, but there's still a reason that we named these creatures "KILLER" whales. I definitely don't think they have any place being cooped up in a tank like they are, though. Get them as far away from me as possible.

There was one time, back when I was young, when I was getting food really late with some friends. We sat on the hood of the car in the parking lot after the place closed because we were all just talking. The place we went was directly across the street from UNNAMED AQUATIC PARK and we kept hearing these loud, pained animal noises. To this day, I don't know what it was, but my mind instantly went to a killer whale that was somehow going to escape, walk on land, and murder me. Clearly, I am a rational human.

Wow, Tina. Way to take a really nice quote from The Flash and ruin it with your weird phobia of an animal that has a 0.1% chance of directly impacting your life. I was going to talk about how the TV show just introduced Patty Spivot and I am enamored, but here we are. (Nice try, The Flash, Patty Spivot is adorable, but I'm team Iris West until I DIE.) Five hundred some words wasted on the weirdest phobia in the world that has no basis in reasoning.

Is this good content?? Someone tell me.