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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Summer is Dead, Long Live Fall

Wow can you tell that this is very late at night? I don't usually have this ridiculous mood lighting. It's also cropped super close because I don't pay attention to the things in the camera frame when I take the photo. Meaning, something was cropped out for my own sake. What could it have been??? Add that to the long list of unsolved mysteries of the universe.

I'm no stranger to those unsolved mysteries because they're my kryptonite. I could read about them or watch them for hours. In fact, just the other day, I fell into quite the unsolved mystery spiral. Here's a fun fact I probably should've figured out before immersing myself in unsolved mysteries in the apartment that I live in alone; I AM SUSCEPTIBLE TO BEING SPOOKED. Specifically, I was spooked by the ice machine on more than one occasion.

Anyway, it's September which means that summer is dead to us all and the only important thing on the horizon is fall and Halloween. Although, thanks for catching on fire, Los Angeles. Guess I can't break out the flannel yet since you decided to spontaneously combust.

Y'know, I didn't even plan to spiral out about unsolved mysteries and segue it into where the quote of the day came from today. It makes me seem like I plan things out more when I certainly do no such thing. For those of you wondering, the quote comes from Guillermo del Toro talking recently about his new movie, The Shape of Water. (Which, by the way, looks UN 👏 REAL.) One time, I got to watch Pan's Labyrnith with him in the same movie theatre and it was the coolest thing ever. Thank you, Toronto. I miss you and I wish I was coming back this year. (Mostly because I need to see Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird.)

In celebration of the best time of year and Guillermo, I'm gonna talk about horror movies. Maybe I'll do one horror movie recommendation a week. Maybe not. Limit and lower your expectations, please. However, since this is the first post, I can't let anyone down yet. Let's get into it, shall we?

My first recommendation is a pretty mainstream one, 10 Cloverfield Lane. This movie is a good time, but just turn it off as soon as there's about twenty minutes left. I guess if you take out the ending, it's kind of hard to call it a true horror movie. However, the majority of it is about the horrors of fragile masculinity. Which, as we all know, is the greatest evil of all!

It's got my girl, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I'm pretty sure I've talked about how criminally underrated she is, but it's worth repeating. Anyway, she's leaving her husband when she gets into a car accident and wakes up in a leg brace chained to a pipe. John Goodman's like I saved your life kid, the world ended up there, but I've built this insane survival cellar. Mary's a lil wary, but there's another guy in the cellar and he says that he fought to get his way in. Does that quell all of her worries? Did the world really end?? Will Mary Elizabeth Winstead star in better movies do I don't have to suffer??? I don't know, guyssssss. Check it outtttttt.

Also, I'd just like to say thank you to those of you who commented yesterday. Amazing. When I ask you guys to purchase me a personalized neon sign that says "80s Music Will Save Your Soul," it's crickets. But when I ask y'all to comment, you show up. Unbelievable. Is this blog not worth upwards of $800 to you???

This is my attempt at thanking you sincerely.

(But also, since y'all were so quick to jump in and leave a comment, if there's a fave quote of yours you'd like to see on this letterboard HIT ME UP. Please. I'm running low. I know y'all aren't all here because you love Springsteen as much as I do, so send some stuff in.)