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The Bold Type Will Save Your Soul


Hello again. As I've mentioned before, I believe wholeheartedly in The Bold Type. There's been no word on a second season yet and I'm going to YET AGAIN try and convince you people to get on this bandwagon. The finale is tomorrow, so this truly is the final countdown. Let's get into it, shall we?

The two really great things this show does are as follows:

  1. LGBT Representation
  2. Female Empowerment

I talked about how dope the LGBT representation is over here, but there's something else that I'd really like to talk about on that matter. A really dumb thing that happens when an LGBT person comes out is their friends start treating them differently. It's straight friends who are worried that their gay friend will suddenly just starting hitting on them nonstop. Spoiler, we won't, don't inflate your ego like that.

Nothing changes when your friend comes out as gay. They're still the same person they were five minutes ago and just because they want to date someone that's the same gender as you, doesn't mean they want to date YOU.

People don't get that. TV shows don't get that. Except for The Bold Type.

Kat starts the show off assuming she is completely heterosexual. Then, she meets Adena and starts doing some soul searching. Not once do any of Kat's friends become uncomfortable at the prospect of Kat being interested in woman. They are supportive, genuine, and interested in her life. NOTHING CHANGES. I'm sure you guys are out there like, Tina, if nothing changes that's a really dumb thing to be excited about. Well, you're wrong because it's the first time I've seen a friendship like this on TV.

Look at these kids. Just hanging out in a bathtub. Drinking away the problems of the world. I just know in some other poorly written show, there would've been some stupid joke at the expense of Kat's sexuality. BUT THERE WASN'T BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS OUT OF THIS WORLD.


This brings me to my next important point, the importance of positive female relationships. Yet another commonplace in these teen shows is the concept of frenemies. Y'know, Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl or Brooke and Peyton from One Tree Hill. The girls that are "friends," but spend most of their "friendship" fighting over some boy. Here's a hot tip; a dude will literally never be worth ending a friendship for.

Sadly, though, female friendships built on animosity are obscenely popular in media. NOT ON THE BOLD TYPE, THOUGH.

Things aren't always perfect in their friendship because we are all humans and we all have disagreements with our friends, but it's never because of jealousy. How absolutely refreshing. They are supportive of each other in their romantic, professional, and personal endeavors. The writers are smart enough to know that the friendship between women doesn't have to be the central source of problems. It's almost like women can be there to build each other up instead of tear each other down. Incredible.

This isn't to say that The Bold Type is a boring show filled with a bunch of goody two shoes characters who are incapable of doing anything wrong. No, no. They mess up and blunder and make mistakes because they are young, but they also would do anything for each other. Their friendship is the one thing on the show that is indispensable and indisputable. At its core, The Bold Type is a show about empowerment and platonic life soulmates. It's about women standing strong together. It's about growing up.

Basically, this is my last call for y'all to watch this lovely show that is an insane breath of fresh air. It's youthful and fun and sincere. It is so sincere and that is the best compliment I could give it.

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman, has this quote about the word "cheesy" in relation to sincerity and I'm just going to put it here because you need to read it:

Did you say cheesy? Cheesy is one of the words banned in my world. I’m tired of sincerity being something we have to be afraid of doing. It’s been like that for 20 years, that the entertainment and art world has shied away from sincerity, real sincerity, because they feel they have to wink at the audience because that’s what the kids like. We have to do the real stories now. The world is in crisis. I wanted to tell a story about a hero who believes in love, who is filled with love, who believes in change and the betterment of mankind. I believe in it. It’s terrible when it makes so many artists afraid to be sincere and truthful and emotional, and relegates them to the too-cool-for-school department. Art is supposed to bring beauty to the world.

My favorite things in media are things that are very sincere. '80s music, superheroes, Springsteen, The Bold Type. The world is garbage and messed up and we spend too long worrying about liking the things that we like because we may be ridiculed for it. There is strength in sincerity and being earnest. This planet is just a weird rock floating in space and we're all just body bags of organs and the least we can do is live honestly and full of love.

This is the scene from the show that sold it for me. I was enjoying myself through the episodes before this, but this scene was so genuine and lovely that I knew I was done. Fully committed to this show and the message that it's sending people. Love is a worthwhile endeavor and there is no greater strength than the belief you have in yourself.

Watch this show. You're not gonna regret it. The Bold Type, Tomorrow, 9pm, Freeform. Be there. It'll save your soul.