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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Don't Accept Jobs from Strangers

jimmy.jpg In the name of total transparency, someone did send me a quote after I harassed them for one, but because I already had this picture ready, we're not gonna do that quote today. I'm sorryyyyyyy. Laziness always wins out it seems. (But for realllll. Send me some quotes, ya fools.)

Since I'm sure you're all invested in my working endeavors, I'll tell you a weird story about what happened to me yesterday.

So, I use this app where I basically just run errands for people and there was this shopping request that came in. All it said was, "I need shopping done asap. Asap please." Which, maybe they didn't intend for it to sound like they needed supplies to bury a body, but that's kind of the vibe it gave off. I declined the task because it was 50-some miles away and I'm not about to drive that far to buy someone some bleach.

Two minutes later, another task comes in. Same dude. Same message. Only it's only 40 miles away now. I decline again because that only makes this all seem weirder. Then, two minutes after I decline the second time, a third job comes through from the same guy thirty miles away now. Part of me wanted to write to him and asked what on earth was going on. After it came through for the fourth time, I turned off my availability because it was like 10 PM at that point and I had just read a true ghost story on Twitter. Things were not adding up in my head. And, as previously mentioned, I am susceptible to being spooked.

In other news, I cooked what was basically a mix between ramen and lo mein and it wasn't the worst thing ever. Well, that's not fair to actual ramen and lo mein. Essentially, I made a dumb, Americanized combo of the two dishes. I felt the need to mention it after my post yesterday about my adoration for the Food Network. However, I did dirty so many dishes that I rationalized running the dish washer.

I don't really have much to say today. I took a weird middle of the day nap and it messed up my sleeping schedule, so everything feels very fake. Forgot to mention, but the quote today is from Jimmy Eat World's The Middle. I know this is nowhere near as thrilling as the face mask saga from yesterday, but I'm going to put another one later about The Bold Type finale, so get excited?