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Four Weddings & a Karaoke Song

q3.jpg Can you believe that someone has given me a quote after my constant harassment out of the goodness of their own heart? This is from a Noah and the Whale song that I haven't heard since I was a moody lil middle school munchkin. So, thank you for the blast from the past. Who doesn't love sad dudes singing sad songs?

In one of my worst segues ever, I'm going to talk about weddings today because there is genuinely no rhyme or reason to anything anymore. (There's a slight rhyme/reason. I watched The Princess Diaries 2 last night and that's all about weddings. So...not the absolute worst segue.)

I love weddings. I think they're the bomb diggity. Food, alcohol, music, low key getting to judge everything. Maybe that last one's because I love watching Four Weddings, but the sentiment still stands. Weddings are amazing.

So, growing up, I never planned my wedding. I never thought about what I'd wear or what the colors would be or the theme or the music, etc. Maybe we can all read too much into this and talk about the fact that the reason I probably didn't plan a wedding was because I didn't know I was gay and that whole thing. Whatever. I am not in the mood to be psychoanalyzed. I am in the mood to pretend plan my wedding as a moderately grown adult.

When the time comes, I feel like I'm not going to have that many opinions. I know that I'm going to wear a suit, but definitely not a white one. Nice lil flower boutonniรจre. Definitely sunflowers everywhere. Sunflowers are my fave, but I'm not married to the idea. (MARRIED. JOKES.) I feel like I'd want to get married in a cute faux-rustic barn. Gimme that exposed wood beam and string light aesthetic ๐Ÿ‘Œ. Ideally I'd get married in fall. I'm a fall wedding girl. Those changin' leaves, man, likeeeeee. Gimme ๐Ÿ‘ those ๐Ÿ‘ autumnal ๐Ÿ‘ vibes.

The only thing I will 100% not budge on is my insistence on a live band karaoke as the means of music.

Listen. Having live band karaoke at my wedding is one of my most genius ideas. (Another genius idea is an all queer lady boy band cover band named Queer Kids on the Block. PLEASE SOMEONE START THIS BAND WITH ME.) How fun is karaoke? I'll answer for you; the funnest. How fun are weddings? Again, I'll answer for you; the funnest. So, combine the two and you get the funnest funnest fun. That's scientifically and grammatically accurate.

"What song would be the first song you and your wife sing together, Tina?" - You.

Wow, amazing question, thank you for asking. The obvious choice is I Got You Babe. I'll sing Sonny's part, she'll sing Cher's. It'll be a crowd pleaser. I'll then sing Life is a Highway five times in a row by myself because it's MY day and no one can take that away from me.

Keep a look out for your invite.