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Disposable Income in the Digital Age

q1 Somebody else has taken pity on me and given me quotes to use. That somebody would be none other than my mother and these few quotes are coming from a journal she kept when she was younger. They are now in a Word document and I now have that Word document.

Quote's from Walter Bagehot. Walt is an old British journalist and wrote a lot about the government, economy, and literature. Apparently there's also a book of his love letters that was published.

Speaking of the economy, not having money to spend on frivolous things makes me sad. It's very hard in a world where I can just go to Etsy and find an insane amount of things that I would purchase in a heartbeat. Etsy is the online version of in-person Target. Did that make sense?

When I go to Target, I become an entirely different human being. I'm like possessed. Suddenly, I need wicker baskets for no reason. I need a new gold silverware set. If Target sells it, I can rationalize myself purchasing it. What kind of mind control makes me able to rationalize buying a felt, mountable dinosaur head?

I don't know, but I have one hanging in my bathroom.

Etsy is the opposite. I don't need to rationalize anything. It's all just so cool. Every dumb, obscure thing you can think of exists on Etsy. Oh, did you want a Bruce Springsteen onesie with a Springsteen lyrical pun? Done. Did you want an embroidered Gone Girl quote? I got you. Did you need an entire Etsy shop dedicated to celebrity prayer candles? Here you go.

Like I said, my disposable income is limited to non-existent, so I do a lot of online window shopping. It is also officially less than a month away from my birthday. I'm almost turning almost a quarter of a century. Can you believe it? (Also, hi, Publishers, you have less than a month to make my book a bestseller a la my favorite song from The Last Five Years. Will I "have all this and more before twenty-four?" IDK, PUBLISHERS, IT'S IN YOUR HANDS. Step to it.)

Anyway, this list is half-birthday list, half-readily available list of things I can find again once I have disposable income. It is gonna be a weird mix, y'all.

Tina's Etsy Wishlist

  1. A Greta Gerwig T-Shirt: Starting off so strong, guys. If you don't know, Greta is a dope actor/writer/director whose solo directorial debut, Lady Bird, is premiering at TIFF in the next week or so. If you're not at TIFF, like me, but you haven't seen anything Greta's done, check out Mistress America. I cannot stress enough how good Mistress America is and how few people listen to me about it.
  2. Old School Travel Poster for Neptune, CA: So, I don't really get art. Certainly don't understand modern art and I guess old art is nice? The only kind of art I really get is vintage travel posters. I just love the style of it. Almost art deco-y. Anyway, this is a fake travel poster for Neptune, CA where Veronica Mars takes place. I love me some old school Kristen Bell solving crimes in pigtails. Ah, the early 2000s.
  3. The Virgin Suicides Pin Pack: I feel like watching The Virgin Suicides at a young age is what got me into film. Also what early Kirsten Dunst can't I attribute to my gay awakening? Sofia Coppola knows what she's doing and this movie was the dreamiest thing I'd ever seen. It was probably the first non-mainstream movie I ever saw. I didn't even know movies could look like that.
  4. San Junipero Art Print: San Junipero is an episode of Black Mirror that was basically taken from my dreams. It's about '80s technicolor lesbians. That's it. I don't need to tell you anything else because that should've sold you on it. Anyway, I'm including this because my sister, who does not read this blog, made me a wood carved San Junipero sign for Christmas last year. Have I gotten that gift yet? NO. So, now I have to look elsewhere for San Junipero home decor.
  5. Vintage Bruce Springsteen Tour Shirt: Did you really think I was going to make an entire list without mentioning something Bruce Springsteen related? Who do you think I am?? Anyway, this one's self-explanatory; an obscenely priced vintage tour tee I won't even be able to afford when I do have disposable income again.