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(Some of) The Movies I am Looking Forward to This Year

q4.jpg So, again, since everything is arbitrary and nothing matters on this blog, I'm just gonna talk about the movies that I'm excited for. Most of this is coming from insane TIFF envy. I looked at all the photos I took about this time last year and I really had the best time there. I truly miss the tacos from this place on King Street, Wilbur Mexicana. And the coffee from Tim Hortons. The American west coast needs Tim Hortons. I'm lost without it.

Alright, without further ado, let me attempt to type through my Not-At-TIFF tears:

(Some of) The Movies Tina is Looking Forward to This Year

  1. Lady Bird dir. Greta Gerwig - Literally no one should be shocked about this. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this movie like fifty times in the past two weeks. It's a semi-autobiographical coming of age story aka my dream genre from actual genius, Greta. Will I stop talking about Greta Gerwig? LITERALLY NEVER.
  2. The Shape of Water dir. Guillermo del Toro - This is another one I've talked about before on this here blog. Guillermo is the absolute master of the metaphor and so this monster movie isn't shaping up to be a monster movie at all, but a story about otherness. How people are afraid of people that are different from them and how that manifests itself in hatred.
  3. The Florida Project dir. Sean Baker - Listen. A24 owns my soul. I was alphabetizing my movies on my new shelf and so many of them have the A24 logo at the bottom of the spine. I owe them everything. Anyway, this film looks gorgeous and is the same writer/director of Tangerine which was shot on an iPhone, so basically I trust Sean Baker and A24 with my life. The movie's about the lives of people who live in motels on Orlando's Irlo Bronson road. I don't know if they explicitly state that's the road, but anyone from the Orlando area would recognize it. Working at a theme park there, I used to hear about coworkers living in motels like this because the wages at the theme parks made them unable to afford the average rent. This movie looks like it's going to shed some light on the issue and make one of the most charming childhood films ever.
  4. Unicorn Store dir. Brie Larson - The only reason this is on the list is because I am so ride or die for Brie Larson. There's not even a trailer yet and it hasn't had its TIFF premiere yet, but I'm ready for it. Don't let me down, Brie. (JK, I know she won't.)
  5. Kingsmen 2: The Golden Circle dir. Matthew Vaughn - I watched the first Kingsmen on a plane and the scene where Colin Firth just annihilates an entire psuedo-Westboro Baptist Church to the guitar solo in Free Bird is absolutely insaneeeeee. Throw in Julianne Moore as a villain, Channing Tatum as a cowboy, and a whole new slew of gadgets and you've got the sequel. Could this be an instance where the sequel is on par with or better than the original? We'll find out.
  6. Call Me By My Name dir. Luca Guadagnino - Moody LGBT coming of age movie set in the 1980s??? Sign me upppppppppp. It premiered at TIFF a few days ago to absolute rave reviews. It's about an American exchange student going to live with an Italian family for the summer. I am HERE FOR IT.
  7. Pitch Perfect 3 dir. Trish Sie - I hate myself for even putting this on the list, but I've lived through two of them already, so I gotta see it through. Plus, I feel like I relate to the plot of this one aka washed up and at a loss of what to do with my life. And, I love being let down in terms of Beca and Chloe's undeniable chemistry. Will I willingly pay to be queerbaited for the third time? You bet your ass.
  8. Justice League & The Last Jedi - Zack Snyder and Rian Johnson - Am I cheating by putting these two into one slot? Maybe. Do I truly care? No. I'm ready to see the loves of my life, Wonder Woman and Rey, save the day. Also, can't wait to see Finn and Poe fall in love in outer space while BB-8 silently cheers them on from a distance. BB-8 as the ring-bearer to their wedding...CAN YOU IMAGINE? @ Star Wars: Make that happen.
  9. Molly's Game dir. Aaron Sorkin - Jessica Chastain swindling old, rich white dudes in poker?? My dream come true. It's a true story about a woman named Molly Bloom and the high-stakes poker game she used to run. The buy-in was $250,000. Basically pocket change, amiright? (I'm very wrong.) As you can imagine, some of the wealthiest people came through those doors and, as you can imagine, things don't run smoothly. GIVE JESSICA CHASTAIN AN OSCAR, PLEASE.
  10. Battle of the Sexes dir. Valerie Faris & Jonathon Dayton - So this story has been basically begging to made be made into a movie since it happened in 1973. It's also the perfect story for me because it's gay, about tennis and feminism, and true. I am beyond ready for this.