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Thursday Playlist: I'll Cover You

So Thursday Playlists might be a thing now? A dear reader, Dino Nugget, commented last Thursday asking if I would put together a weekly playlist and because I love making playlists as much as I love breathing, I'm probably going to take her up on that offer. Let's be real, though, I will probably not be consistent and use this as a means to avoid writing my book (sorry, Mom!), so there's a chance I'll make one playlist a week. This week's gonna be about covers. Not like bed sheet covers, but songs being sung by somebody that's not the original singer. My love for covers probably was born from my youthful obsession with Glee. (I know there's going to be a week where I make a Glee playlist and for my own sanity, I'm going to hold off as long as possible.)

Because simply making a playlist is not enough for me, I also give them cute names. I've got a playlist named Pumpkin Spicy that's the ideal mix of songs to listen to in fall weather. Or, when I lived in Florida, wearing shorts and t-shirt with the AC on full blast in the car. We've already talked about Sad Dad Jams Vol. I & II. I've got one called Baby Got Nostalgia. One just called Feelings that I'm afraid to look at because it's probably super melodramatic. One of my favorites is Say My Name which is a collection of songs that have someone's name in the title.

Anyway, without further ado; please enjoy this playlist of cover songs.

I'll Cover You

  1. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Branches (Originally by The Darkness): DAT BANJO THO
  2. I'm on Fire by AWOLNATION (Originally by Bruce Springsteen): Bet y'all thought this would be the one playlist that I wouldn't include Springsteen. How foolish.
  3. Free Fallin' by John Mayer (Originally by Tom Petty): Sometimes a person covers a song so well that it sounds like their own and this is one of those times.
  4. Time After Time by Iron & Wine (Originally by Cyndi Lauper): The original version of this song is an utter masterpiece and this version holds its own. One of the YouTube comments said the dude's voice is like a cello. What a compliment.
  5. As Long As You Love Me by Sleeping At Last (Originally by The Backstreet Boys): Listen. I'm an absolute sucker for pop songs being turned into soulful piano ballads and this is no exception.
  6. Jessie's Girl (Originally by Rick Springfield) & Teenage Dirtbag (Originally by Wheatus) by Mary Lambert: Mary is a super cool queer singer who you may recognize from that Macklemore song that ended homophobia. It's so dope hearing songs I grew up loving sung as lesbian piano ballads.
  7. Cheap Thrills by Boyce Avenue (Originally by Sia): I did not like this song originally because Sia is just not my style of music at all. But give it to a sad man with a guitar and I am IN.
  8. Literally Anything by Postmodern Jukebox: These people are unreal. They'll take a current pop song and rework it so that it's an entirely different vibe. All Star by Smash Mouth as a vintage reggae song should not be this good.
  9. Two Princes by Fake Pictures (Originally by Spin Doctors): Why do I always forget how much I like this song?
  10. Sunday Morning by Emily Bett Rickards & Travis-Atreo (Originally by Maroon 5): I've only ever listened to this song on Spotify and hadn't seen the video until just now. How did I not figure out that this is Felicity Smoak from Arrow??? What a trippy world.
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