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Thursday Playlist: I'll Pumpkin Your Spice

So, I had originally planned to debut my Glee deep-cuts playlist today, but I was HARASSED yesterday at work by a dear friend who goes by the name of Dino Nugget. What did Dino Nugget want? Some autumnal songs because the seasons are changing and everyone's getting in that pumpkin spice hysteria mode. What better way to celebrate the season than with a playlist? My Pumpkin Spicy playlist is 90 songs long and has this photo as the cover:


It's very clear I mean business.

HOWEVER, since this is very last minute, I'm gonna cut that down. I do NOT have the time or energy to put a ninety song playlist on this blog. But since I aim to please, you're getting your damn autumnal playlist, Dino Nugget. Enjoy.

(I'm also cheating because I literally just burned a CD with this exact playlist on it for somebody. Oops.) (I'M SORRY IF THAT'S CHEATING, BUT Y'ALL ARE ASKING A LOT OF ME.)

I'll Pumpkin Your Spice


  1. Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers - My Pumpkin Spicy playlist starts with Noah Gundersen's Poor Man's Son because I think it truly sets the tone. However, I've been informed that some people don't like it because it goes on too long??? Anyway, for y'all, I chose The Lumineers' song about running away because, in my brain, running away with the love of your life in the fall sounds like a dream.
  2. Fake Empire by The National - So, I have a playlist of songs that I like playing when I'm driving at night in cities because I am a massive nerd. I've been doing it since I was a kid in the backseat of my parents' card driving through New York City. Back then I was NOT listening to The National. I was listening to Dare You to Move by Switchfoot. Despite my music tastes growing, I think there are just certain songs that sound like they should be listened to at very specific moments in time.
  3. She Lit a Fire by Lord Huron - This is the song that got me through TIFF last year. Out of my own stubbornness of not wanting top figure out the public transportation system in Toronto, I walked everywhere. I also just really love walking in cities. Nature? Who needs it. Pave that forest and put up paradise. Anyway, TIFF takes place in September and I got just the beginning of fall weather in Canada AKA my dream come true. So, to me, this song is intrinsically linked to the fall season. I listened to it constantly
  4. Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams - It might just be me, but there's something about the fall time of year that makes me think of unrequited love. Is that just a me thing? I don't know. Fall kinda feels sad to me. But not like break-up sad. Just this feeling of longing that lasts through the whole season. Why do I feel this way? I do not know. Something 'bout those changing leaves though makes me wanna listen to sad songs about unrequited love.
  5. Girl Crush by Little Big Town - Oh my god a song sung by a woman on a playlist made by Tina Kakadelis?? Unreal. This is maybe the first time it's happened on a playlist that wasn't covers. I'm just as shocked as you are. Good unrequited love songs know no gender. I remember the country world lost its collective mind because they were like this is GAY. As an actual gay human, I don't think it's actually gay, but it's really ducking sad and beautiful.
  6. I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Matt Alber - Y'all know my greatest weakness is pop songs sung as acoustic ballads. I think I heard this song first in an episode of The Fosters on Freeform. I went through a brief phase of watching that, tryna support the gays, but it was too much drama. I like this version, though, because I've always thought this song was kind of sad. (Yes, I'm okay, guys. I just really like sad songs.) It's a song about a lonely person who goes out to bars or nightclubs trying to find someone they love so that they can dance together. Um...THAT'S SAD. As an acoustic song, you really just feel it.
  7. Work Song by Hozier - I think this a happy song? It sounds a little spooky and that's how it found its way onto this playlist. I'll be the first to tell you, I love this sad Irish man. He has loved women more purely than I ever will and I am so glad he writes songs for us mere mortals to listen. "My baby's sweet as can be/She give me toothaches just from kissing me." Can I just use this song as my wedding vows???
  8. I'm On Fire by Bruce Springsteen - YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE MY LOVE FOR BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. Did you know this was the first time he ever used synth in a song of his? You're welcome for that fun tidbit of knowledge for when you're hanging out with your friend's parents. If you listen to no other Springsteen song (although, please just listen to all of Born to Run), this one is at least perfect for fall.
  9. Haunted House by Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams is my OG sad, dirty man that plays guitar. I've loved him for many years. This song is off his newest album that came after his divorce form Mandy Moore. (Yes, THAT Mandy Moore. No, not the choreographer of La La Land. The other one.) Anyway, it's got a spooky title which is part of the reason it's here, but also it's just a sad song about continuing to live in a house you used to share with a significant other. All of a sudden, it's not a home anymore. It's just a haunted house filled with things that you don't want anymore.
  10. The Twist by Frightened Rabbit - People have told me that I listen to a lot of music sung by men that are not the best at singing. Apparently singing is the only instance in which I will humor men being mediocre. This song's about about this guy in a no strings attached/friends with benefits type situation and he thinks it's all cool. Joke's on him, though because he caught some feelings and we all know how much that messes somebody up.
  11. Ophelia by The Lumineers - And we're back with some more Lumineers. Something about this dude's voice just feels like fall. Can a person's voice sound like a season? If they could, his voice would sound like fall. I feel like I just ghost wrote a John Green quote. This is the second of three songs that are a tiny bit upbeat. Apparently I think there is NOTHING upbeat about fall.
  12. White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons - I don't plan on going into deep detail about this, but this was one of my favorite songs my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. It was mostly because of the "Tell me now where was my fault / In loving you with my whole heart" line. Me @ younger, dumber me: WHO DID YOU THINK HURT YOU LIKE THAT?!
  13. The Night We Met by Lord Huron - I don't care how hipster shitty this is going to make me sound, but I'm mad they used this in Thirteen Reasons Why. Now it's mainstream and I don't want Lord Huron to go mainstream. Especially not this song. Whatever. I know I'm the absolute worst. I'll just polish my monocle, finish drinking my kombucha, and get over it. This song's pure magic, though. Even mainstream media can't change that.
  14. If I Had You by Joe Purdy - Here's some more unrequited loved for ya. I hate to be the one to you, but unrequited love songs are just better. I'm pretty sure I've included this on another playlist, but more people need to know about Joe Purdy.
  15. Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac - I debated for a really long time as to whether I should put Songbird or this song on the playlist and, obviously, Never Going Back Again won the debate. Rumours, as a whole, is a very autumnal album, so I knew one of those songs was gonna end up here. Ultimately, I just like singing this one more and the most important thing I think about when making a playlist is how fun is this song to sing. Solid 10/10 would sing in the car with a pumpkin spice latte in my cup holder.
  16. Wildflowers by Tom Petty - Because of Parks and Recreation, this song is forever tied in my head to the scene where Chris and Ann leave Pawnee and I always tear up the tiniest bit because of that. Anyway, I think technically wildflowers are a spring flower. Do I know things about flowers? Not really. But guess who does know the flower that means unrequited love?! This kidddddddddd. Despite wildflowers being a (maybe) spring thing, Tom Petty's got those good autumnal vibes 👌.
  17. Leather and Lace by Don Henley & Stevie Nicks - Hi, Future Wife, whoever you may be. Since I'm sure you're reading this blog, please learn Stevie Nicks' part in this song at your earliest convenience. In all seriousness, though, this is one of my favorite duets and I think it's very sweet. I'm also just a sucker for classic rock duets. Sue me.
  18. Happiness by The Fray - Remember these guys from the early 2000s? Well here's one that never made it on the radio because it's really sad. It's about how happiness and sadness are intrinsically linked together AKA the plot of Inside Out but in a beautifully  melancholy song.
  19. 100 Years by Five for Fighting - This song came into my life through an ABC Family made-for-TV-movie called Searching for David's Heart. It was about a girl whose brother died in a car accident, but he was an organ donor, so she makes it her mission to find out who David's heart went to. That movie came out in 2004 and this song has been ducking up my life for thirteen years. Will I cry listening to it every single time I hear it? All signs point to yes.


(Should I figure out how to make Spotify playlists for these???? Lemme know, kids.)