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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

I’m Not Serious, But I Am Seriously In Love With You

img_6403-2Talk about moody horror movie lighting, am I right?

Listen, I took this at like 1 A.M. last night fully intending to wake up early and write the blog in the early morning instead of staying up later. However, because I’d rather sleep in, I’m writing this nonsense now. So, you know what that means...this is going to make absolutely zero sense. (Joke's on me, though. Guess what idiot wrote it all last night, but forgot to schedule the post???)

I guess I should go back to telling y’all where the quotes come from. I don’t know. Maybe nobody misses that. Whatever. Today’s quote comes from the Hamilton musical that everyone has been freaking out about for two years.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy some of the songs from the show. Schuyler Sisters goes so hard. And honestly, Best of Wives and Best of Women may only be 48 seconds long, but it is a jammmm. Satisfied, Helpless, and Take a Break. Those are my faves. Basically, anything sung by the women.

Maybe I haven’t made this super clear, but I really like musicals. Not all musicals. A select few. A weird select few. Should we talk about those right now? We’re gonna regardless of how you answered that.

  1. The Last Five Years - This has always been my number one favorite musical just because I love me some sadness. It about Jamie and Cathy and their relationship. They alternate singing songs from their perspective of the relationship, but their timelines are opposite. Jamie tells it chronologically while Cathy tells it in reverse. They only sing together in the middle when their timelines cross at their wedding. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and even though you know how the story ends after the first song, you forget somewhere around the middle and hope it’ll be different. It won't.
    • Favorite song: The Schmuel Song. I’ve always said that the woman who loves me after hearing how utterly moronic I sound when I sing along to this song will be the woman I will marry. I don’t think I’m wrong.
  2. Hair - The first time I saw Hair, I was genuinely baffled. I did NOT understand the LSD sequence in the second act and half of the songs seemed wildly unnecessary. The more I learned about US history during the ‘60s, the more the songs started making sense. On a very basic level, the musical’s about a group of hippies in New York City in the 1960s and their attempts to avoid the draft and protest the war. If nothing else, this musical brought Cassie Levy into my life and she’s now playing Elsa in Frozen’s Broadway show.
    • Favorite song: Hair. I can get DOWN to this song. Truly. I love singing it in my car because it’s right in my vocal range. It also makes me want to grow my hair out again.
  3. Spring Awakening - What can I say? I was a moody lil sixteen-year-old. This musical is based on a novel by some German dude. It’s a coming of age story about a group of teenage German youths figuring out sex and sexuality. It stars Glee faves Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James. Plus my favorite underrated male actor, John Gallagher, Jr. (Fun Fact: he’s been in a movie with my favorite underrated female actor, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.) It’s just your average moody coming of age musical darling.
    • Favorite Song: The Bitch of Living. Yes, this is a song sung by teenage boys about masturbating. No, that doesn’t make it any less catchy.
  4. 13 - If I actually felt guilty about anything, this might be the closest thing I might feel guilty about. This is the most dramatic show to ever grace a Broadway stage. It’s about a boy who lives in New York City, but when his parents get divorced, he’s forced to move to Appleton, Indiana. Oh, and he’s about to turn thirteen so his life is literally OVER. Seriously. The whole first song is about the horrors of turning thirteen. Not only did they get actual kids around that age to be in the show, the whole band was made up of thirteen-year-olds, too. Not enough people talk about this beautiful mess.
    • Favorite Song: Getting Ready. It’s like a nine minute long song about all the different kids getting ready for their weird group date extravaganza. It’s as strange as you think it is.
  5. Legally Blonde: The Musical - I don’t want to see or be seen by people that don’t like this musical. That’s all I have to say on the matter.
    • Favorite Song: Take It Like a Man. A song about someone realizing they’re in love with someone in a department store with clever jokes sprinkled throughout??? Sign me up 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌.

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