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Unpopular Opinions

Is this the day where I finally run out of opinions to share with the world? Do I have nothing more to say about anything in the world? Has the well of my opinions run dry?

Maybe. I don't know.

At the very least, I'll tell you wear the quote of the day comes from. It's from a Lumineers song called Cleopatra. (It's also slightly wrong because I ran out of "Ts.")

Y'know, I saw someone on Twitter a while ago just air out all of their unpopular opinions and maybe that'll be good for me. I'm sure most of my opinions are already wildly unpopular and you're probably thinking like, dear lord, I hope she doesn't waste another thirteen paragraphs on Greta Gerwig like we GET it. (Although, clearly, it's working. My mom watched a trailer for 20th Century Women the other day and she knew who Greta Gerwig is. I think that's as successful as I'll ever need to be. JK I want neon in my home.)

ANYWAY, all that word vomit to say that I am going to be sharing some of my divisive, unpopular opinions. I hope this doesn't change how you feel about me.

Unpopular Opinions

  1. Grease 2 is better than Grease 1 - I'm pretty sure I've talked both about my undying love for Michelle Pfeiffer and subsequent immense love for Grease 2 somewhere on this blog before, but it bears repeating because y'all are out here really thinking Grease is the pride and jewel of the Grease franchise. (Is it a franchise if there are only two movies in it??) Whatever. The point is, Grease 2 has better music and overall quality than the original and it's time I stop being treated like the weirdo for thinking Grease 2 is the better movie.
  2. I don't get the Harry Potter thing - The first opinion was very tame, I feel like. I had to ease you guys into this one because it's a biggie. Harry Potter defined a generation. My generation, specifically. It's just so not my genre at all. And I get it. It's cool world building that she did and Quidditch is the best thing to come out of the series, but when are people going to stop comparing everything in the world to those books??? Like, I get it, you've read them and you like them, but why did I have to read a review of IT that was trying to tell me Pennywise was actually a bogart?? And another thing, when are we all gonna stop praising Snape for being "the nice guy" who felt entitled to Lilly just because he was nice to her??? (But also bless those books for bringing Emma Watson into my life.)
  3. Why does everyone act like Friends is a good show? - I'm pulling out all the stops now. I get that it was a different era of sitcoms and millennials have killed the "hangout" sitcom, but that doesn't make sense because people my age love it. On the one hand, Jennifer Anniston during that time period is very attractive, so I get that, but why are Ross and Rachel the "ultimate" TV couple?? Ross is awful. Like just a straight up tool. How does that make them good for each other??? Why didn't Ross end up alone??? Maybe I'd like the show if Ross wasn't there, but I don't know. It's just something I don't get.
  4. Animal Style Fries taste better cold - A whole lot of food that's usually served warm tastes better cold. Pizza, chicken nuggets, and Chinese food to start. All of those I would much rather eat cold. Cold Chinese food for breakfast on a rainy morning when you have no plans...MY DREAM MORNING. Also, in case any of you sickos thought I was drinking coffee with my cold Chinese food breakfast, get your heads outta the sand. I'm a mess, but I'm not a monster. Coffee comes later.
  5. Taking superheroes with Jewish origins and forcing them into an alternate universe where they are Nazis is bad storytelling - Yeah, The CW, here's looking at you, kid.
  6. I like my book - Maybe this isn't unpopular, but it was unpopular to me for a very long time. I did the whole I-hate-my-book thing because it's hard to love the thing you made. I'm trying to get better at it. So, enter for a chance to win a copy. Other people like it and I'm starting to, too. (TOOT TOOT ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN.) (What? "To, too" sounded like a train to me and I am the only one in the apartment, so I need somebody to laugh at the joke I just made to myself.) (The book is funnier than that, so you should still enter for a chance to win.) (Please don't let that bad joke stop you from enjoying this good time.)

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