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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Fifteen Minutes of Fictional Fame

So, today is setting up to be one of the best evenings of my young adult life. I am going to a one night only concert reunion of the band from Josie and the Pussycats. Do you know how excited I am? Whatever you're thinking, double that. No, quadruple that. Maybe even square it. Were any of those proper math terms? I don't know. All I know is that I'm seeing Josie and the Pussycats tonight and there is nothing that can bring me down.

If you've somehow only stumbled onto this blog today and don't know that I am ride or die for Josie and the Pussycats. Well, hi, my name is Tina and I'm ride or die for Josie and the Pussycats. (And I also wrote a book. You'll find it at the end.)

So, this one night only extravaganza got me thinking; there's gotta be other bands from movies that fans deserve to see on stage in real life. I mean, movies about music are one of the best genres out there and it's time those fictional bands get on a real live stage.

Somehow this blog is turning into me just listing nonsense. Am I trying to be a knock-off BuzzFeed? It'd never work because I don't know how to put gifs into these posts. Also, I feel like they post a lot about cats and I just don't get the whole cats thing. I'm sorry. I just don't get it.

But this blog isn't about BuzzFeed or cats. No, no. This is about the fictionally famous bands that never got their fifteen minutes of fame.

Fictionally Famous

  1. Stillwater - Almost Famous: Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical movie about a high school boy who goes on a rock and roll tour with the band, Stillwater, is one of my favorite movies. There's a faux Stillwater CD that exists in the world and I've come across it at Amoeba a few times, but I just can't bring myself to ruining my budget for that. It's like $25 for six songs. Come on. I know it's cool, but it's not that cool.
  2. Synge Street - Sing Street: This is one of the best movies from 2016 that nobody saw. We now live in a world where Suicide Squad will forever have more Oscars than Sing Street, Amy Adams, and Jessica Chastain COMBINED. It's a world I don't want to live in. Granted, the world is also burning for a multitude of other reasons, but a big reason for that is because Suicide Squad somehow has an Oscar. This band from Sing Street, though, is a perfect mash of every popular style of music from the '80s and I just really, really love them. I wish they were real.
  3. Sex Bob-Ombs - Scott Pilgrim vs the World: So, this is less for my own personal gain and more for the people. (You are the people.) I'm not the biggest fan of Edgar Wright and this movie, but, if I remember correctly, Brie Larson sings at some point during it and I love everything Brie Larson does. I'd go to this fake concert just for the chance to see Brie Larson. If she just stood silently on a stage for an hour, I'd rate it five stars. Brie Larson can do no wrong.
  4. Spinal Tap - This is Spinal Tap: I saw this movie was I was young and when MTV used to play it constantly. I'm pretty sure I thought they were a real band back then and was pretty shocked to find out this was all a lie. Talk about crushing childhood hopes and dreams.
  5. Dr. Fünke's 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution - Arrested Development: Remember when Arrested Development was fun?? Remember when Arrested Development was the first show Netflix revived from the dead??? It seems so long ago. We all still act like the fourth season doesn't exist, right? It's for the best. Truly, the fourth season needed a dose of Teamocil.*
  6. One Direction Cover Band - Burn Before Reading: Hey! I wrote that book! Incredible. In case you still haven't read it somehow, please enter the drawing below. The main character, Carly, and her fellow jazz band dropouts formed a One Direction cover band because nothing is more lucrative in the suburbs than entertainment for kids birthday parties. This also closely ties into my deep desire to be the front-woman of an all queer lady boy band cover band. QUEER LADY MUSICIANS IN THE LA-AREA...HIT ME UP. THE WORLD NEEDS US.

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*Teamocil may decrease your sex drive.